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Arts So Wonderful began it’s informal start in 2001 as a subset of Service Rendered Inc, founded by Bruce Wilson, and was originally called “Straight Talk Vermont”. The group replaced graffitied spaces with mural art to bring beauty to the area. As a separate subset of Service Rendered, an art program was created by two Interns from the University of Vermont. The program held twice weekly art classes that included charcoal drawing and painting. In 2003, after the creation of a mural with the help of Vermont’s youth, Arts So Wonderful was formally born. Since then, Arts So Wonderful has continued to create murals on buildings and electric boxes throughout Vermont. Over the years, ASW has hosted numerous events in benefit of Vermont’s young artists, such as an annual art show at the Marriott where artists could sell their work for 100% profit. ASW collaborates with schools, universities, and groups to provide artistic growth opportunities. Arts So Wonderful’s mission is to unify the community through art while helping artists achieve their goals. ASW aims to give individuals a creative outlet and Arts So Wonderful’s Galleries showcase local art that’s all available for purchase. 

The locations for Arts So Wonderful’s galleries were scouted and then founded by Charlene Fu and Bruce Wilson. The idea was to reactivate business in the mall and provide opportunities to members of its community. We opened our first gallery in February, located inside the CityPlace Burlington Mall on the lower level. Arts So Wonderful’s second gallery is located inside the University Mall and opened on August 21st, 2020. Regarding the opening, Art Director + Curator, Alandra de la Cuesta, stated “I am so excited for our new gallery to open and can’t wait to share all the beautiful art with everyone”. Visit their gallery and while you’re there, take a picture with their new mural by Illustrator, Michael Mullan, located in the food court.

Arts So Wonderful has created dozens of murals throughout Vermont. Most recently, Arts So Wonderful produced a Black Lives Matter mural in Downtown Burlington on the old YMCA building, and a timeline of Winooski’s history under the Winooski Bridge. We recently completed a mural in the University Mall food court that encompasses Vermont’s values. Arts So Wonderful also participated in the Racial Justice Chalk Art Project on the Fourth of July, teaming up with the UVM Art Club to create beautiful and powerful chalk art. We continue to look for any opportunity to create art in the community!

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Bruce Wilson

Executive Director

Bruce Wilson sits with Senator Emeritus of Vermont Patrick Leahy and his wife

Bruce Wilson is an accomplished leader and community advocate, with over three decades of experience in philanthropic work, currently serving on numerous committees and boards throughout Vermont. He is a founding member of the Community Justice Center and has served as a Vermont Human Rights Commissioner. Bruce also sits on the Green Mountain Transit Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Board and the Winooski School District Anti-Racial Board. He is a member of the Vermont State Police Fair and Impartial Policing Committee and the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission Equity Advisory Committee. Bruce is also an Executive Director of Service Rendered Inc/Arts So Wonderful and New National Media Corp. He has opened four Chill Out Centers in large malls throughout Vermont, including one in Fair Haven, and established the Arts So Wonderful Gallery at University Mall. Additionally, Bruce hosts two cable shows on CCTV and PEGTV and is a member of the Essex Rotary and VT Legislator Social Equity Caucus Committee. He is an alumni of the psychology program at Northwestern University.

A letter of support for Arts so Wonderful from Senator Bernard Sanders

Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) “Your steadfast commitment to youth engagement in our community has a positive impact in our entire state” 

The Crew

Bruce knows he wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done he wants to if it wasn’t for his awesome crew. In his role as Assistant Director, Michael Gaffney oversees marketing, technology/operational details, and development, and generally serves as a jack-of-all-trades of nonprofit management. Alondra de Cuesta serves as our Art and Creative Director.

Michael Gaffney with Senator Peter Welch of VermontArt Director Alondra de la Cuesta in front of Niagara Falls

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